Blade Guides for Band Saws

Blade Guides for your Band Saw. stocks and delivers solutions that will increase the performance of industrial or hobbyist band saws. in 26 years of making blade guides Our success is based on first hand experience and to our customers input. We put quality of all of product first. Our dedicated engineers and sales team are personnel are ready to help you select the best parts for your needs.  We provide best parts to make your job easier and safer, all at a lower cost to the customer. Our goal is customer service and quality

Whether cutting wood, metal, meat, or plastic each band saw generally works the same. The “band” in its name comes from the formation of its blade. A band saw uses a continuous band of metal with teeth that rides along two or three wheels on the same rotating plane. Blades can consist of fine teeth cuts and plain scalloped knife-edges that are usually made out of high quality steel. Saws themselves are often powered by an electric motor but can be powered from anything such as water (in some wood factories) to steam (in some industrial applications) and even by animals. We have provided band saw reviews for a wide variety of band saws ranging from units you can use in your home garage for simple woodwork, to automated industrial saws that cut steel for automotive parts.

Band saws come with different blade feed features. Gravity fed band saws use a blade that falls against hydraulic cylinders. In our review gravity fed band saws work well for small saws. During our band saw reviews, the saw we found fit for heavier production use was a hydraulic feed saw in which the blade is pushed by the positive pressure of a hydraulic piston. Larger diameter blades are commonly used for cutting wood and timber. Thinner blades with a larger number of small teeth are typical in metal-cutting applications. In any case we give band saw ratings based on a saws ability to go above and beyond helping you complete your task. For instance in culinary applications, band saws with the best band saw ratings featured components that were easy to clean. Some of the blades that received our highest band saw ratings were even cryogenically frozen to provide superior durability when cutting through metal or hard woods. Reviews of blades made of better materials saw that when cutting irregular or curved shapes, most would hold up much longer. Higher-end band saws include automated cleaning mechanisms such as a brush to remove chips as the blade exits the material you are cutting.